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Do we often give up our personal time?

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We are sometimes driven by circumstance to give in, but we should think carefully, since we are not talking about whims, but personal, healthy actions.  Otherwise, if we do not make time for ourselves,  this will lead to a negative effect that could be passed on to those around us.

Giving in should never let us down.  It means choosing, and when we choose, we lose one thing, but gain another.

We see examples of this in life itself.  We spend our lives surrendering some things to gain others.  We surrender our childhood to gain our youth.  If we wish to reach worthwhile maturity, we would need to give up being eternally young.

What could happen to us

  • The accumulation of our tasks prevents us reserving time for ourselves.
  • If we have small children we have very little free time.
  • Sometimes our own routine and fatigue take over, and we become overwhelmed, but do not know how to disconnect
  • We do not consider our right to care for ourselves - only for others.
  • We sometimes think we are selfish if we take time for ourselves.

Features such as those we have mentioned are sometimes imperative for us.  We set aside time for our children, our partner, and our family because they need us on many occasions.  The time for our personal activities can be reduced, or even cancelled for a while, but we should not abandon them entirely.  They are important and they make us feel good.

Sometimes we confuse personal wellbeing time for ourselves with egoistic actions, and we are in eternal conflict with ourselves and with others.  It would be worthwhile to consider this when a confusion arises.

Keys that can help us think

  • An excess of attention to others can indicate that we are passing on to them something that we miss and want for ourselves.
  • Our internal world needs time and care.  We must encourage this with whatever makes us feel good.
  • Enjoyment liberates the endorphine substances in our brain which produce calm and wellbeing.
  • Personal time is a healthy activity that is valuable for us and, in turn, for those around us.
  • You must start by taking care of yourself so as to be able to take care of others.


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